Previous Scholarship Winners

Bridgetown High School Alumni Association Scholarship classic

From 2007 to 2020 the Alumni Association provided two scholarships – one for Sustainability and one for Music. 

 In 2021, changes to school priorities led to the school suggesting we change the scholarships we offer. Thus, from 2021, the Association, on an annual basis, will provide four scholarships, worth $500 each, to one student from each year at Bridgetown High School. These scholarships are provided to a student from each year who best demonstrates the school values of Kindness, Resilience, Responsibility and Respect.

 To provide the funds for this, the association runs a fundraiser known as the Scholarship Classic. Local businesses are approached for a donation of $60, their names are put into a hat,  and a draw is held during the annual Bridgetown Agricultural Show. The scholarship for that year is then named after the business drawn from the hat.  

Winners of the draw since the Scholarship Classic began:


Bridgetown Engineering
James the Jewellers
GB & JT Brody Builders
Bridgetown Paint Sales
Indec Enterprises Pty Ltd
Talison Limited
Pendragon Dryland Management
Bridgetown Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Davmech – Ben & Jackie Davies
Bridgetown Timber Sales
James the Jewellers
Terry Redman MLA
Rotary Club of Bridgetown
Maranup Ford Caravan Park
Bridgetown Timber Sales

The Alumni Association is very grateful for the support of local businesses without whom we would not be able to support our local students.

High School  Values Scholarship

Year Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
2021 Noah Wallis Ewan Fabiszak Chantelle Pearce Emily Karafilis

Science Scholarships – Sustainability

2007 Kate Hartwell
2008 Taylor Austin
2009 Not Awarded
2010 Not Awarded
2011 Not Awarded
2012 Not Awarded
2013 Not Awarded
2014 Not Awarded
2015 Not Awarded
2016 Alicia Applin
2017 Ryley Fisher
2018 Layla McConnell
2019 Emerald Kyaw
2020 Cameron Cadell 

Music Scholarships

2007 Bronte McCoy 
2008 Marcus Friend
2009 Kate Tillman
2010 Sinead Jameson 
2011 Taylor Page
2012 Chelsea McGrath and
Annaleise Heron
2013 Niamh Arnold
2014 Mitchell Page
2015 Bronte Field
2016 Bronte Page
2017 William Applin 
2018 Jaspa Kessner
2019 Sascha Kessner
2020 Tessa Boswell