Daphne has been on the Committee since 2010 and held both the positions of Secretary and Treasurer till the end of 2013. In 2014 she managed to reduce her role to Treasurer.

One of her interests has always been local history especially for her home town of Bridgetown. On the formation of the Alumni in 2004, even though she no longer live in the town, Daphne had no hesitation in becoming a life member and then in 2010 was elected to the committee.

Recently she has been archiving photos and memorabilia to preserve for future generations.

Daphne graduated from Bridgetown Junior High School in 1959 and commenced working in the clerical and bookkeeping field which she stayed in for the rest of my working days. The last nineteen years of employment was in Education including Bridgetown High School, Yanchep DHS and Padbury SHS from where she retired in 2008.

Now spending her time scrapbooking family history, including my school days, Daphne also volunteers at the local hospital and the family history society.