The past helping the future

The Bridgetown High School Alumni Association is the first Western Australian Public School to develop an Alumni. Traditionally reserved for private school institutions and universities, a group of proactive and forward thinking group of ex-students were brought together to form the Association back in 2004.
The brain child of current BHS Principal, Mr Steve Bullied, the group would seek to form an Association that was focused upon assisting the High School with its future growth through a network of ex-students – the Alumni.
Throughout the last decade, the Alumni has instigated a number of fundraising efforts and has contributed to the School in a number of ways.
Scholarships to incoming Year 7 Students has been the mainstay of the Alumni Associations contribution to date but recently a much more significant undertaking has been under development with a School Building Fund being established with full Tax Deductability status which will be the key contributor to the establishment of the new BHS Drama Room.
The Drama Room will be officially opened at the Schools 60th Anniversary Celebrations this September.


a·lum·ni [uhluhm-nahy, -nee]
1. a graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university.

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