Join the Bridgetown High School Alumni Association

By joining the Alumni Association, you are becoming part of a group of people who want to continue to contribute to Bridgetown High School. By it’s very definition, you are already Bridgetown High School Alumni, so why not make a difference and be part of what continues to happen at the School?

Why should I join?

Simple…because without your time at Bridgetown High School, you wouldn’t be where you are today. Being part of the Alumni Association provides you with the opportunity to give Annual Scholarships to incoming students and contribute to the future growth of the High School community. It’s about being part of something bigger and giving back a little.

How can I join?

We’re working on an easy electronic format but in the meantime, simply download the form from the link below, fill it in and send it back with your payment / payment details and you’ll receive a receipt. You’ll receive our quarterly newsletters and we will soon be adding more and more benefits to the Association including an eNewsletter.

Download the Membership Form

Who can join?

If you’re an ex-student of Bridgetown High School, then you are eligible to become a member of the Alumni Association

Individual Membership

Annual Membership | $30 per year

Life Membership | $300

Corporate Membership

Annual Membership | $50 per year

Life Membership | $500


So what are you waiting for?

Join now and become part of something to assist your school now and into the future.

     “Real generosity toward the future lies
giving all to the present.” Albert Camus